Week Three: Conditionals and Cool Stuff

This workshop is part of series incolaboration with Friends of Refugees with the aim of empowering youth to code and have fun!

Hello!! Welcome Back!

Lovely to see you again!! We will be doing more fun coding things! You don't need the laptop quite yet so keep it closed!

What we are aiming for this class

  • Learn what is a if/else statement

  • Playing fun if statement game!

  • Another fun colour revision game!

  • Make our own if statements!

  • Coding our monster!!

If we have time:

We will learn about greater and less than.

But first! Let's play a game!!

What is an if statement???

Sounds fancy but we use conditional statement all the time when we speak.

An if statement is a sentence that has some condition that has an outcome if it is/isn't met.

A little confusing. Here are some examples:

  • If its raining I will bring an umbrella on my walk

  • If I am hungry I will eat snacks

  • If I am not late I will catch the early train

Can you think of any if sentences???

True or False

When using if statements we have conditions that are true or false. In programming something is either true or false, real life is a bit more complicated!

For example: If I am hungry I will eat snacks

You might remember what a variable was from the first class (its just a name for something). If I were to code this I would have a variable called hungry which would be either true or false. Varaibles that are true/false are called boolean variables. It might look something like this.

if(hungry === true){snacks++}

In class today we are just going to be using one premade variable to keep things simple.

What else??

An extra wrinkle. In programming we use if and we use else. Else is used when you have an outcome that you want to happen when a condition isn't met. It's not always needed and we won't focus on else too much.

Here is an example:

If I have apples I will make a pie else I will bake cookies

It sounds a bit weird because noone talks like that. Let's play Simon Say's If Then Else, it will make more sense!

Simon Says If Then Else

Everyone stand up. Listen closely to the IF statements the helper says and follow allong!!

RGB Revision Game!

Woohoo Simon Says was fun and theres no stopping the games!

Click Here

Let's Write our Own If Statements!

We are ready to code our if statements! Exciting.

Click the link

Coding our Monster

You guys did great work coding your monster last week. Let's add the new stuff we learnt to make our monster interactive. Using the if/else statement try to make your monster change when you click the mouse.

Some ideas:

  • Monster changes colour when you click

  • Monsters eye get big when you click

  • Moster gets bigger when you click