Week Two: The Power of Form and Colour

This workshop is part of series incolaboration with Friends of Refugees with the aim of empowering youth to code and have fun!

Hello!! Welcome Back!

Lovely to see you again!! We will be doing more fun coding things! You don't need the laptop quite yet so keep it closed!

What we are aiming for this class

  • Playing fun x,y coordinate game!

  • Another fun x,y coordinate game!

  • Drawing a circle competition

  • Learning how to code fun colours!

  • Introducing the cool square!!

  • Coding our monster!!

But first! Let's play a game!!

Let's play the X,Y Coordinate Game!

Listen to the helpers for instructions! Should be fun!

More X,Y Stuff

Great job playing the x,y coordinate game!! Here is another game called SNAP!! Which will help you get your head around the x,y coordinate stuff.

Click this link and have fun playing the game!! Remeber to read the explanations when you get things right!

Drawing a Circle Competition

You got it! We are test your skills as a team. See who puts there circle in the right place first!!

Click here to log in using the instructions on the piece of paper on the laptop

This time everyone should have their own log in,

When you edit something using the link bellow you should see a save button on the right side.

Now its a race!!! Who will code their circle in the right spot first!!

Click here

Let's Code some fun Colours!!

So far we have just been coding in black and white and that is boring!!!

Click the link to follow along

New Shape!!

So far we have only been using circles, why not a square??

Click the link to meet a new shape!

Coding our Monster!

Last time we ran out of time to work on our monster but don't worry we have time to work on it now.

Here is a templates that you can change and make your own.






  • Changing the colour

  • Using different shapes

  • Changing the size and position


Try using more shapes! Here are list of shapes to try and link on how they work. As a helper to help if you are stuck